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New Isalean shake flavor: Black Sesame

Black Sesame Isalean shake

New Isalean Shake Flavor

Isagenix has introduced a new shake flavor called Black Sesame. It was originally produced for the Asian Markets as they have different palates than North Americans. However, it is gaining popularity here on this side of the globe. It has a subtle taste and can be enjoyed warm or cold. It smells like mocha. I love to mix one scoop of the chocolate shake and one scoop of the black sesame shake. It is an awesome flavor combination. Check out the new Isagenix Isalean black sesame shake.


eplusUnlike, most popular brands of energy shots, Isagenix e+ does not contain taurine. e+ also beats out the competition by providing Naturally Sourced Caffeine from Antioxidant-Rich Green Tea and Yerba Maté and a proprietary blend of botanicals that increase energy, stamina and mental alertness.
Naturally occurring caffeine, rich in antioxidants, to help you burn fat and supports weight-management.
A natural source of caffeine, known to increase basal metabolic rate associated with weight loss, improved alertness and
athletic performance.
Increases energy, reduces fatigue and enhances cognitive function and physical performance.
An adaptogenic plant that supports energy, physical performance and helps combats stress.
Increases stamina, ideal for combating fatigue, nervous exhaustion and lack of energy.
Helps with concentration and increases the rate at which cells restore their energy (ATP)

New Vegan Isalean Shake

New Dairy-free protein shake

The Benefits Of Natural Berry Harvest Isalean shake

IsaLean Shake Natural Berry Harvest is a GMO-, gluten-, and soy-free meal replacement containing no trans fat or artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

  • 22 grams of nutritionally complete plant-based protein from pea and hemp
  • Complete amino acid profile similar to our whey-based IsaLean Shake
  • Safe for those with dairy or soy allergies and those who are lactose-intolerant
  • Suitable for the lifestyles of vegetarians and vegans
  • 8 grams of dietary fiber from chia and flax seeds
  • 8 grams of healthy fats from extra virgin olive oil, sunflower oil (monounsaturated fats), flax seed, chia seed, and coconut (medium-chain triglycerides)
Are you Ready for a boost of plant-based protein power?
IsaLean® Shake in Natural Berry Harvest is the latest premium Isagenix meal replacement shake made with nutritionally complete, natural pea and hemp protein for those who are lactose intolerant or follow a vegetarian or vegan diet.
The Natural Berry Harvest IsaLean Shake features Phyto-IsaLean Complex™, a blend of natural pea and hemp
protein with a complete amino acid profile that maintains and builds lean muscle while supporting healthy weight
Gluten-free with no trans fat or artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, Natural Berry Harvest IsaLean Shake is suitable for all lifestyles. It’s the plant-protein based, dairy-free meal replacement you’ve been waiting for.
Phyto-IsaLean Complex™ , is our unique blend of natural pea and hemp protein. These two proteins are superior choices for plant-based protein. Both proteins combined are an excellent choice based on their complete amino acid profile, similar to that of our dairy-based IsaLean Shakes. Pea protein is also good for satiety (fullness) and exerting antioxidant and immune-building activity. At only 250 calories, it’s easy to digest for those with dairy sensitivities leaving you feeling fuller longer while supporting healthy blood sugar levels.
“These sources of non-dairy protein are non-GMO, natural plant sources and have a great amino acid profile when combined. There are so many companies using soy protein and that’s just not acceptable for Isagenix,” says John. In his 33 years as a formulator, John explains he has never used soy protein in any product, even prior to its bad publicity. “We want our products to be 100-percent safe, all natural, and deliver the best nutrition.”
– John W. Anderson,
Isagenix Founder and Master Formulator

What is undenatured whey protein?

Isagenix IsaLean shakes are one of the few whey protein shakes out there that has undernatured whey protein. What does that mean?  Whey is the byproduct of cheese making. Most companies use salts, enzymes, acids or heat to separate out the curds from the whey and casein. These 4 processes absolutely change whey and casein. This type is called “denatured” meaning the proteins are altered through chemical or physical means so that some of its original properties are lost or
There’s another way in which the curds and whey and casein can be separated. It’s a patented, exclusive process called cold, ion exchange micro-­‐filtration. This process does not use the above-­‐mentioned 4 processes. This process is how
the Isagenix undenatured whey protein concentrate, milk protein concentrate and low-­‐heat non-­‐fat dry milk is created.
This process is incredibly expensive but protects the whey in its natural God-­‐given state, protecting all the dipeptides
and tripeptides, yielding an amazing amino acid profile too.
These undenatured proteins are then cold air dried in a huge spray-­‐drying drum, using no heat and then the proteins are
carefully sealed in crates. Isagenix whey comes from New Zealand, free-­‐range cows that are grass fed (free from herbicides, pesticides etc.), milked and rested according to season and free of hormones, antibiotics and steroids.
These are happy cows. This whey is exclusive to Isagenix!

Isagenix nightly belly fat buster

Bedtime Belly Buster!

You will need:
1 scoop Isagenix IsaPro (not IsaLean or IsaLean Pro)
1 scoop Isa Calcium
1 scoop Isagenix Fiber Pro (optional, not available in Canada)
6 ounces cold water

Blend ingredients by hand or with shaker/blender bottle. Blending in the blender tends to create too much foam.  If desired, add 2-3 ice cubes. Consume 30-60 minutes before bed.

*** Do NOT use the Bedtime Belly Buster on cleanse days

Feel free to use less or more water. You know what you like.

According to research studies at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville , getting enough calcium may help to control the type of fat known as intra-abdominal, visceral, or belly fat that exists around the middle. Studies have also shown that women who don’t get a minimum of 1,100 mg of quality calcium on a daily basis tend to struggle more with belly fat and weight-loss efforts. IsaCalcium contains over 1000 milligrams of calcium per scoop – that is more than three times the amount of calcium found in an 8-ounce glass of milk! IsaCalcium aids in sleep, constipation, and weight loss.  It also provides your body with the calcium it needs, as well as essential vitamin D and magnesium, for healthier and stronger bones.

Calcium is an essential nutrient and necessary to help build and maintain healthy teeth and bones. It also helps keep the heart, blood, nerves and muscles working correctly. A calcium deficiency in both men and women can lead to bone frailty, as well as osteoporosis. IsaCalcium is a convenient way for people to maintain healthy levels of calcium in the body.

FiberPro™ is he most complete multifiber complex that helps to support natural digestion and regularity.

* The advanced FiberPro formula, which contains five different sources of plant fiber, helps to speed up the movement of food through the digestive system naturally, helping to promote regularity and reduce constipation.*

* FiberPro contains the exclusive Isagenix Active6 Complex of probiotics which helps restore the balance of healthy bacteria.*

* FiberPro contains both insoluble and soluble fiber, which provides bulk and helps you to feel full longer.

* The American Dietetic Association recommends consuming 25-35 grams a day. Each serving of FiberPro gives you 5 grams of fiber to help you meet those needs.

Feed your starving brain and sleep better

Your brain is a powerful tool one million times more complex than the latest computer sitting at your desk. It is also one of the most neglected parts of your body.  As a person ages, the mature brain experiences changes that impair cognition and memory. This is caused mainly by environmental stress, oxidative stress, and chronic inflammation.  At around the age of 35 years of age, the brain experiences reduced function  in memory, learning, attention, and decision making.

After several clinical trials and countless hours of research,  Isagenix has come up with a supplement to support the brain.

• Provides the brain with antioxidant protection
• Protects the brain against cellular reactivity that speeds aging
• Maintains healthy neuron function to promote mental focus and concentration
• Naturally supports the production of healthy brain chemicals
• Supports cerebral blood flow

• Helps increase the quality and total time of sleep
• Helps to reduce the time it takes to fall asleep
• Helps relieve the fatigue associated with jet lag
• Helps re-set the body’s sleep-wake cycle (circadian rhythm)
• Helps promote healthy aging,  cardiovascular,  immune function, and brain health

Isalean Shakes Improved!


The newly reformulated Isagenix IsaLean Shake now features the new Myo-IsaLean Complex™.  This protein blend features:

  • 50 percent more whey protein
  • 100 percent more fiber, fewer carbohydrates
  • less sugar as compared to the current IsaLean Shake
  • completely soy free!
  • higher whey-to-milk ratio comparable to the nutritional value found in human mother’s milk
  • clinically proven to support muscle growth and maintenance
  • manage healthy blood sugar levels
  • increased amount of digestive enzymes to help with lactose intolerance
  • new shake packaging is biodegradable

Isalean Shake

order isalean shake

This complete nutritious meal replacement shake is better than others available on the market because:

  • uses only the highest-quality, undenatured whey protein
  • sourced from New Zealand grass-fed cows not treated with hormones or antibiotics

This all-natural, great-tasting, 240-calorie shake is healthier and great for achieving your healthier eating, weight loss, healthy aging, more energy and athletic performance goals.



Spring cleaning your body

It is definitely time for spring cleaning. Most people are sure to dust and clean their house from top to bottom. People are cleaning out no longer used items from the closets. However, some people don’t realize the importance of spring cleaning the insides of their own bodies. That’s where “cleanse days” come in handy. Cleanse Days are where you’ll abstain from food and in its place will be the drink Cleanse for Life, plenty of purified water, and other little nutrient-packed approved snacks. These can be performed once or twice weekly or monthly. For those of you that are saying “there is no way I can go a whole day without eating”, there is always the option of night cleansing. Although not quite as effective, still helpful. Night cleansing involves no eating four hours before your bedtime and taking  4 ounces of Cleanse For Life drink with 8 ounces of water before you go to bed.

There are so many benefits to cleansing with Cleanse for Life. Here are a few of them:

Kick Starts the Detoxing Process: Not eating food on Cleanse Days gives the digestion processes a much needed break, allowing the liver to go into detox high gear. With the reduction of fat intake on Cleanse Days comes the release of stored fat-soluble toxins.  Cleanse for Life drink provides B vitamins, which are depleted during normal fasting. These vitamins are essential for normal body metabolism and energy production. It also contains bioactive herbal ingredients that have been shown to stimulate antioxidative and detoxification enzyme pathways including glutathione transferases, catalase, and superoxide dismutase.  Cleanse for Life also contains powerful antioxidative complexes that directly contribute to the body’s antioxidant defense system.

Triggers Fat Burning: Reducing calories on Cleanse Days triggers the body’s fat burning abilities by increasing human growth hormone and suppressing proteins responsible for fat storage. The spike in human growth hormone also helps protect against lean muscle breakdown as long as followed with intake of quality protein on eating days, like that of the IsaLean Shake.

2 great ways to mix it up on your Isagenix cleanse days

For those of you that like a little variety in your lives, here are two fun recipes to try:

My husband Brian came up with this one on his own. I will call it the Snack Wiz. It is fairly easy to make.

1. Add 2 vanilla snack wafers to dry blender and blend into fine powder.

2. Add 8 ounces of cold water and 2 scoops orange Replenish/Amped Hydrate.

3. Blend just until combined.

It makes a creamy drink to enjoy on your cleanse days.



Another recipe floating around that I love on cleanse days is the Cleanse sorbet. Here is the recipe:

  • 1 scoop Natural Rich Berry Cleanse for Life® powder
  • 1/2 scoop of IsaFruits®
  • 3 oz. of water
  • 4 oz. crushed ice

Blend in IsaBlender® until consistency reaches that of a creamy sorbet.

Submitted by Kathy L.