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Does regular cleansing help lengthen your years?

Isagenix 30 day programOne of the unique parts of an Isagenix system is its Cleanse Days. As anyone that uses Isagenix products knows well, performing routine Cleanse Days are at the centre of gaining the greatest health benefits. This is because Cleanse Days help reset cellular mechanisms in the body, sparking fat-burning, detox, and a large number of other positive effects.

A major characteristic of Cleanse Days apart from supplementation with Clean for Life, the detox-promoting drink is the abstinence from food, or intermittent water fasting. Now, evidence is growing that spasmodic water fasting could be very important to avoiding prolonged sicknesses like cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes.

While most individuals are aware of the powerful proof behind calorie restriction (as achieved on Shake Days) for reducing risk of protracted illness, up to date studies are discovering that it could be intermittent fasting (as on Cleanse Days) that’s even more favourable for ultimate longevity.

Cleanse Days, as suggested by Isagenix, provide the health advantages of patchy water fasting while also including Clean for Life, a supplement that comes with the added advantage of optimum doses of minerals , vitamins, and actives from botanicals. These help the body’s detoxification and cleansing processes.

When Cleanse Days are performed constantly (one or two days a week, or one day every fortnight), the body undergoes a variety of positive changes. There are various enzymes that are turned on, mitochondria are shown to extend in number and become even more efficient,  oxidative stress is reduced (a stamp of longevity), and fat is mustered and utilized for fuel in the muscle and liver. Clean for Life also revs up detox and antioxidant enzymes for cellular health.

The positive biological changes made on Cleanse Days are reinforced when followed by Shake Days rich in quality protein, good fats, low-glycemic carbs,  minerals and vitamins. They lead straight to declines in body fat (especially abdominal fat), reduced quantities of oxidative stress and swelling, increased insulin sensitiveness, better upkeep of muscle. These are biochemical changes which may lead to reduced risk of persistent illness and better health long term.

Hand and Body Cream

Isagenix hand and body cremeIsaDermix® Ultra-HyDrating Hand & Body Cream
all-day moisture for your skin
Experience softer, smoother and healthier skin with Ultra Hydrating Hand & Body Cream. This rich formula absorbs quickly to provide deep, all-day moisture. Nourishing botanicals and 9 antioxidants restore, replenish and revitalize your skin.
•    Shea butter, sweet almond oil and sunflower oil provide deep hydration
•    Contains 9 antioxidants such as vitamin E, green tea, pomegranate, grape seed, cucumber and oat kernel extract to nourish and protect
•    Absorbs quickly leaving skin smooth and supple with no slippery residue
•    Naturally paraben, phthalate and cruelty free
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Want More Energy? drink

Rethink your energy drink.

Want More Energy? is natural fuel for the body, helping you sustain your energy without caffeine or stimulants. It tastes great and is a healthy alternative to high caffeine and- sugar energy drinks, containing only natural ingredients, a few grams of sugar, and only 35 calories per serving. Includes Ionic Alfalfa™, our alfalfa juice concentrate enriched with trace minerals to keep your body running at peak performance. The Want More Energy vitamin complex comprises of the essential B Vitamins – Vitamin B2, B3, B6, B12 plus Biotin, Choline and the Amino Acid L-tyrosine. This extensive complex contributes to the proper functioning of almost every process in the body.

Ageless Actives

Ageless ActivesAgeless Actives combines CoQ10 and Vitamin D3, as well as age-defying Resveratrol to help support the body to rebuild and restore its vital systems, support energy production and protect cells from oxidative stress.


Per serving, there’s no other product on the market that contains the active amounts of CoQ10, Vitamin D3 and Resveratrol along with a blend of adaptogens, botanicals and antioxidants. Ageless Actives uses new technology making our CoQ10 800% more absorbable than dry powder. It also contains 1,000IU per serving of Vitamin D3 to enhance the body’s absorption of Calcium and maintain a strong cardiovascular system.
Ageless Actives uses 250mg of Resveratrol per serving, which is the equivalent of more than 160 glasses of red wine, as well as red grape and pomegranate extracts to help protect cells from free radicals. Ageless Actives contains adaptogens including, wolfberry, ashwagandha and turmeric to help balance the body’s systems.



IsaCalciumHow is IsaCalcium different from other calcium products?

IsaCalcium contains over 1000 milligrams of calcium per scoop, or 102% of the daily value. IsaCalcium provides more than three times the amount of calcium found in an 8-ounce glass of milk, which only has about 300 milligrams of calcium. IsaCalcium also contains 170% of the daily value of vitamin D, as well as 14% of the daily value of magnesium. Vitamin D and magnesium aid in the absorption of calcium, which helps you form and maintain strong bones.

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How do I use IsaCalcium?

Mix 4 teaspoons with 4-to-8 ounces of water or juice. Drink one serving daily, preferable with a meal or added to your IsaLean Shake. IsaCalcium is best used as part of your Isagenix® program.
Why is IsaCalcium important to the body?
Calcium is one of the most abundant mineral in the body; it plays an important role in building stronger, denser bones early in life and keeping bones strong and healthy later in life. In addition, calcium allows blood to clot, nerves to send messages, muscles to contract and other bodily functions.* The majority of people do not get adequate calcium in their diets on a daily basis. The body also loses calcium every day through skin, nails, hair, sweat and waste. If our diet is lacking in calcium, our body will usurp the calcium in our bones. The human body cannot produce calcium on its own. Calcium is essential to maintaining total-body health in both men and women.


Benefits of IsaCalcium:

Stronger, healthier bones* May lower risk of colon/rectal illness* Encourages overall greater health*
How much calcium should I be getting daily?
This depends on many factors, such as age, gender and bone mineral density. For most people, a daily intake between 1000-and-1500 milligrams of calcium is recommended. However, you should consult with your doctor before taking any nutritional supplement.
According to the National Osteoporosis Foundation, Minimum daily requirements for calcium are: •    Children (1-3 years) 500 milligrams •    Children (4-8 years) 800 milligrams
•    Teenagers (9-18 years) 1300 milligrams •    Adults (19-49) 1000 milligrams •    Adults (50 and over) 1200 milligrams •    Pregnant & Breast-feeding Women
(19 years and over) 1000 milligrams

Ageless Essentials Daily Pack

Take your good health on the go.
Get your daily dose of premium vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in convenient, individually wrapped A.M. and P.M. packets.

Isagenix® developed Ageless Essentials Daily Pack to give you a convenient way to achieve optimal intakes of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, as well as special age-defying nutrients in easy to use packets to meet your nutritional needs.

If you were to purchase a 30-day supply of each individual product in the Ageless Essentials Daily Pack you would pay $100. With the convenient A.M./P.M. packet, a full 30-day supply of all 4 power-packed nutritional supplements sells for only $69.*

Ageless Essentials Daily Pack lets you take your good health on-the-go with our individually-wrapped A.M. and P.M.packets.

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Nourish your body with supplements designed to protect you from the effects of aging, while helping to slow the progressive degeneration from within. Now you can skip the multiple supplement bottles and bulky pill boxes—you have all of your daily nutrients right at your fingertips. Designed for adults 18 and over, the Ageless Essentials Daily Pack provides total body support for immune, brain, vision, joint, and cardiovascular health.

Ageless Essentials Daily Pack combats the effects of aging, while targeting the specific needs of men and women.

Each Pack contains:
Essentials for Men™ or Essentials for Women™: Our enhanced formulas contain an advanced absorption delivery system and rapid disintegration technology, so you receive vital nutrients throughout the day.
Ageless Actives™: Contains potent dosages of CoQ10, Vitamin D3 and Resveratrol, as well as botanicals and other antioxidants to help slow the progressive degeneration of the body.
IsaOmega Supreme®: Supports cardiovascular health and brain health by providing you with a high-potency and highly concentrated amount of DHA and EPA Omega-3 essential fatty acids.
C-Lyte® Featuring Isa-C Complex™: a combination of three forms of Vitamin C, designed to be easy on the stomach and give you long-lasting antioxidant protection.
*Wholesale price available to Associates and Preferred Customers

Boost weight loss and gain lean muscle with Isagenix

Vanilla IsaPro whey protein  Super Charge your Isalean shake with the New Vanilla Isapro whey protein powder by Isagenix.  If you are ready to leave that weight loss plateau behind and maximize lean muscle gains after each workout, simply add 1 scoop of the new vanilla Isapro whey protein powder to 1.5 scoops of your Isalean shake. This tasty and powerful combination provides 36g of healthy protein.  That’s 56% more protein than Isalean shake alone.

Studies show that high doses of whey protein boost fat burning and fuel substantially greater muscle gains, especially after resistance exercise. The right kind of high-quality protein, in the right amount, provides tons of healthy benefits:
• Bust weight-loss plateaus
• Build muscle and get stronger faster after hitting the gym
• Boost fat burning
• Stay fuller, longer
• Curb cravings
• Now in creamy vanilla flavor
IsaLean Shake and Vanilla IsaPro features the highest quality
protein from dairy cows on small farms in the pristine environment of New Zealand. The cows are raised on pasture and never treated with hormones or antibiotics—Isagenix calls them cheerful cows!
Remember, 1 scoop of new Vanilla IsaPro plus 1.5 scoops of IsaLean Shake equals 36g of musclebuilding, fat-burning nutrition.

isagenix snacks

Isagenix Snacks! (wafers)

isagenix snacks

Satisfying Low-Calorie Isagenix Snacks

These small yet powerful Isagenix Snacks! wafers help curb cravings with a balance of proteins, carbohydrates, and healthy fats to reduce cravings and keep you feeling satisfied for hours. They contain high-quality whey and casein protein, healthy fats and energy-boosting Carbs that will satisfy on Cleanse days or any day. They can be enjoyed throughout the day even when you are not cleansing to help curb appetite and avoid eating unhealthy snack foods. These low calorie snacks contain the trace mineral Chromium, which can help reduce hunger sensations, fat cravings, and food consumption. Chromium is also known for helping to main healthy glucose metabolism, and helping to maintain healthy blood sugar levels.
* 7 Ingredients that Promote Thermogenic Fat Burning.
* 3 Ingredients that Support the Health of the Liver.
* 1 Ingredient that Decreases the Sugar Cravings.
* 3 Ingredients that Absorbs Stress.
* 3 Ingredients that Assist and Promotes Lean Muscle Density
* 1 Ingredient that Promotes Blood Sugar Balance. (Low Blood Sugar leads to increased Appetite and Hunger)

30 day longevity

The Total Health and Longevity System with Product B

The unparalleled system for maintaining optimal health and defying age, the Total Health & Longevity System elevates the benefits of the Isagenix 30-Day Program by combining the potent power of our signature cleansing and replenishing system combined with the youthful aging support in Ageless Essentials Daily Pack with Product B Antioxidants plus Telomere Support*. Make the commitment and infuse your life with vim and vigor.
Total Health & Longevity System contains:
1 – Ionix Supreme powder
2 – Cleanse for Life powder
4 – IsaLean  Shake canisters (56 meals)
1 – Ageless Essentials Daily Pack (men or women)  with Product B Antioxidant plus Telomere Support
2 – 2-Day Cleanse Support Kits containing: 12 Isagenix Snacks! tablets, 4 IsaFlush capsules, 4 Natural Accelerator  capsules.
The products inside the 2-Day Cleanse Support Kit are to be used on Cleanse Days. Follow the instructions on the Cleanse Day Planner or inside of the 2-Day Cleanse Support Kit for usage.
30 day longevity

Isagenix Canada: Order Isagenix in Canada

Isagenix Canada

Want to know how to order Isagenix products in Canada? It is easy.

To order by phone, simply call (877) 870-8891 (Please tell them you were referred by assocaite ID#8254805)

To order online, simply visit:

There are two Isagenix warehouses in Canada. One is one Alberta, the other Ontario. Your order will be shipped from the warehouse closer to where you live. Delivery of Isagenix Products in Canada usually takes 3-5 business days. Expedited Shipping in Canada is available.

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