Boost weight loss and gain lean muscle with Isagenix

Vanilla IsaPro whey protein  Super Charge your Isalean shake with the New Vanilla Isapro whey protein powder by Isagenix.  If you are ready to leave that weight loss plateau behind and maximize lean muscle gains after each workout, simply add 1 scoop of the new vanilla Isapro whey protein powder to 1.5 scoops of your Isalean shake. This tasty and powerful combination provides 36g of healthy protein.  That’s 56% more protein than Isalean shake alone.

Studies show that high doses of whey protein boost fat burning and fuel substantially greater muscle gains, especially after resistance exercise. The right kind of high-quality protein, in the right amount, provides tons of healthy benefits:
• Bust weight-loss plateaus
• Build muscle and get stronger faster after hitting the gym
• Boost fat burning
• Stay fuller, longer
• Curb cravings
• Now in creamy vanilla flavor
IsaLean Shake and Vanilla IsaPro features the highest quality
protein from dairy cows on small farms in the pristine environment of New Zealand. The cows are raised on pasture and never treated with hormones or antibiotics—Isagenix calls them cheerful cows!
Remember, 1 scoop of new Vanilla IsaPro plus 1.5 scoops of IsaLean Shake equals 36g of musclebuilding, fat-burning nutrition.

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