Spring cleaning your body

It is definitely time for spring cleaning. Most people are sure to dust and clean their house from top to bottom. People are cleaning out no longer used items from the closets. However, some people don’t realize the importance of spring cleaning the insides of their own bodies. That’s where “cleanse days” come in handy. Cleanse Days are where you’ll abstain from food and in its place will be the drink Cleanse for Life, plenty of purified water, and other little nutrient-packed approved snacks. These can be performed once or twice weekly or monthly. For those of you that are saying “there is no way I can go a whole day without eating”, there is always the option of night cleansing. Although not quite as effective, still helpful. Night cleansing involves no eating four hours before your bedtime and taking  4 ounces of Cleanse For Life drink with 8 ounces of water before you go to bed.

There are so many benefits to cleansing with Cleanse for Life. Here are a few of them:

Kick Starts the Detoxing Process: Not eating food on Cleanse Days gives the digestion processes a much needed break, allowing the liver to go into detox high gear. With the reduction of fat intake on Cleanse Days comes the release of stored fat-soluble toxins.  Cleanse for Life drink provides B vitamins, which are depleted during normal fasting. These vitamins are essential for normal body metabolism and energy production. It also contains bioactive herbal ingredients that have been shown to stimulate antioxidative and detoxification enzyme pathways including glutathione transferases, catalase, and superoxide dismutase.  Cleanse for Life also contains powerful antioxidative complexes that directly contribute to the body’s antioxidant defense system.

Triggers Fat Burning: Reducing calories on Cleanse Days triggers the body’s fat burning abilities by increasing human growth hormone and suppressing proteins responsible for fat storage. The spike in human growth hormone also helps protect against lean muscle breakdown as long as followed with intake of quality protein on eating days, like that of the IsaLean Shake.

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