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IsaflushIsagenix Isaflush Intestinal Cleanser is a safe colon cleansing product that works with out uncomfortable cramping. There are no laxatives in this product. It includes gentle cleansing herbs and minerals. The magnesium attracts water to the colon to ease elimination. It also helps to prevents constipation, improve sleep, reduce stress and anxiety. Isaflush encourages regularity and helps to soothe intestinal discomfort. IsaFlush contains one of the coolest ingredients in Isagenix: Bentonite Clay. Harvested from a volcano in Wyoming this clay has been used for centuries to heal. When taken in IsaFlush, it will help:

Cleanse the Liver and Colon
Balance the digestive track
Strengthen Immune system
Alkalize your entire body

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Isaflush is now nut-free!

The black walnut shells have been removed from Isaflush so that people with nut allergies can utilize this amazing product.

Isaflush is now called IsaComfort in Canada.